New gen-ed program an option for current students

Originally published in the Lindenwood ‘Legacy’ newspaper, Feb. 28, 2017

Current students will be able to change their general-education requirements to match those in the 2017–2018 catalog, university administration reports.

This change will allow students to take fewer general-education courses and still follow the requirements for their majors in their current catalog.

According to Erin Mann, associate provost, the new program will require 42 credit hours instead of 49.

Before the change, Lindenwood required more general-education courses compared to its peer schools. Public schools in Missouri have a standard 42-hour general-education program, and Lindenwood followed suit.

Under this new change, the Oral Communications course will no longer be mandatory. However, those that elect to take it can still use it to meet general-education requirements.

In addition to decreasing the course load, the new general-education program will allow students to take two social sciences in the same discipline. Mann said this increases the appeal for both new students and transfers coming in.

“We thought very carefully about maintaining the academic rigor of the program and making sure that what happens in general education really is good education and not just time wasting,” said Mann.

Mann said that President Michael Shonrock has been supportive of the general-education requirement change ever since it was approved by the faculty.

“I always like to say it’s like getting to the finish line,” said Shonrock. “How are we going to get students there without worry?”

According to, the objectives of these general-education programs are to raise awareness of global history and diversity; develop a sense of responsible citizenship; communicate effectively; form coherent, educated opinions; think critically and analytically; and engage in effective creative thinking.

The deadline to request a change in general-education requirements without having to change catalogs is June 30.