Simply About React Native

React Native is a technology developed by Facebook. It includes both traditional and modern methods of mobile apps development.

What does it mean? Let’s see:

  • Provides cross-platform. It means that it is possible to get the application for two platforms at once: iOS and Android.
  • Allows to perform development faster, and therefore it costs less.
  • Two platforms, one update. Once the app is deployed on Play Market and App Store you shouldn’t update both of them.
  • It has a huge community, so any problem can be quickly fixed.
  • Application looks nice and works stably.
  • It works fast ;)
  • Facebook developed it. They won’t suggest bad stuff.

React Native is based on Javascript. It helps transform any web project into a mobile decision easily. There is no need to hire a team of developers anymore. A Javascript developer is enough.

Frankly, mobile apps can be created faster and better using React Native. In addition, it doesn’t cost a fortune!

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