The individuals and not the group will generate new ideas. They may pop-up on our minds when we least expect, and not only for the incredibly smart guys. What distinguishes great from ordinary companies is the readiness to give a chance to unorthodox ideas, and sacrifice the urge for consensus once in a while.

If you work in a tech company, the following may sound familiar to you:

  • A group of people from different teams and skills gathers into a large room.

*Originally published at “Just Travelling” travel book.

Vipassana Meditation fellow meditators — Kandy, Sri Lanka

“A calm and attentive mind … oommmmmm … Patiently breathe, diligently, calmly … oommmmmmmmm … if you work hard, you’ll persevere…”

These were the first instructions of the meditation guru to a group of sixty students. It was only four thirty in the morning, and I was already up (actually in lotus position) at the Vipassana meditation center, where I would spend ten days trying to learn one of the harshest and most ancient meditation techniques known.

The training method I was about to undertake was a creation of Mr. S. N. Goenka…


Every company is a technology company. Software development is becoming a commodity, and good developers are scarce. Anyone leading a team of developers that don’t understand that the value they can bring goes beyond the code will fail to attract and keep the best ones.

There is little doubt that software developers have seen a big change in status on the last couple of years. Ten years ago, when I was a developer, it would have been unthinkable that in such a short time a profession usually underestimated would have the status it has today. …


Implementing Agile methodologies in a company that is not ready for it can cause more damage than good. It’s as if the coach of Sporting de Gijón wanted to implement the tiki-taka after seeing Pepe Guardiola’s Barcelona on TV. It won’t work.

Back in 2007, I had finished my Bachelor in Computer Science and I was trying to figure out how to apply all the university math and programming lessons in real life. It was my first job, at a big Brazilian bank.

In the IT department, we used the infamous waterfall methodology (although I didn’t know its name). It…

Sergio Pavanello Rossi

Author of “Just Traveling” travel chronicles (, Product Manager and editor at The Startup.

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