Here at SPROUND, we’re committed to providing our startups with knowledge and information that ACTUALLY contributes to company growth. Startups CEOs don’t need any more networking events.

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NOT a networking event

As an ex-entrepreneur, I had the painful experience of having to simultaneously learn and implement directives across all areas of management. HR, marketing, product management, finance, etc. — many of these areas, as a first time entrepreneur, I had no idea how, or what to start with.

So, as community manager, I wanted to make sure that our startups didn’t have to reinvent the wheel in areas where somebody in our community has the know-how to guide you on the right course from the onset. …

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Shinagawa, once a waterfront city, emerged as a town bustling with new ideas and diverse people. SPROUND brings this tradition back to Shinagawa as the next generation terminal for startups, knowledge, and business creation.

Here at SPROUND, promising startups convene. We are not your run-of-the-mill incubation office: we are an active startup community where knowledge and experience flow freely amongst our members.

No startup takes off without turbulence.

Be deliberate. Choose your location, your community, what advice to cherish, and which role models to follow.

SPROUND is committed to supporting all budding startups ready to flourish.

Hello again

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Hi there! SPROUND is a collaborative office and community sparked by like-minded people within DNX Ventures (DNX) and Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate (NSKRE) who are passionate about inventing the new normal of seed-stage startup incubation. …

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