Tricks to get accepted on Airbnb despite of your background/race. Don’t fight racism with ignorance. Kill them with kindness.

I am truly getting tired of hearing people saying Airbnb is racist and no one instead is focusing on what they can do themselves to fix it aside from blaming the homeowners or the company.

Complaining brings awareness I get it, but what else are we doing to fix this problem?

First and foremost before you apply these tips, you have to understand and accept many of these places are not a hotel, it is someone’s home, and in many instances they live in it as well. You are not paying a fortune a night in a regular hotel for a reason, so it is a luxury for anyone to rent a room for a cheaper price where they can use the kitchen and even laundry at some places. The price you also have to pay though is you need to gain people’s trust.

People who rent their home don’t have a security guard right at the tip of their fingers so they need to lookout for themselves. Is that a crime? Some people might take it too far and become racist unfortunately. It is true THERE IS RACISM OUT THERE I KNOW! I have been a victim of prejudge too because of my body and my background. I get it!


I am not denying there isn’t racism out there, however there is also IGNORANCE. I rent to everyone, one my guests during her stay said to my husband “thank you for accepting me, everyone declines me due to my race” my husband (God bless his honesty) replied “actually we almost declined you because in your picture you look completely naked!” My husband asked for my permission before booking her out of respect, she is lucky I am an artist and saw the picture in a different way. After my husband told her, she looked surprised and in disbelief saying if the woman had been a different background it would have been fine. No! Actually I still would have been like WTF!

I let it go that day, but what she said made me very angry because no matter what background you are, we did not want someone with no self respect nor morals in our home. But if it happens shes a different ethnic background then I am racist? At that point I was actually the victim of prejudge myself, she used the race card to deflect about the fact she had an inappropriate photo, now that is low and to be honest, beneath her.

Here are the list of Guidelines many people use before allowing someone in their home.

1. Be Id certified

You could make up any name and even use someone else ID anyway, people lie all the time, I get it, however being ID certified it is at least something that tells people you got nothing to hide. I personally DECLINE people who have had someone else try to book their reservation, I do not know who this person is and if I have a problem with them, once they are gone from my home they can’t even track you because they have no clue who you are.

2. Use either your real name instead of a nickname, don’t be a stranger.

Again, I am letting you in my home, do I rather have someone who’s name is Mike Jertins or FancyPants? If you want to be taken seriously you should act like it. It is like going to an interview, do you want to let a person who does not take you seriously in your home? Not many people would say yes.

3. Post a photo you would post in your resume

You would be amazed at the pictures I have seen on Airbnb, and for those who rent their place they know what I am talking about. Some people love living life to the fullest and show it on Airbnb, great do it, just do not complain if people do not open any doors for you.

Any picture showing your goofy/party animal/ gangstar side will make someone cringe at the though of hosting that person in their home because obviously it will be hard to picture you as a calm quiet individual during your stay.

Notice all these people are Caucasian and people would think they are”free of prejudge”. Well think again presence is everything. Nobody wants to rent their place to someone who looks like a trouble maker, no matter of their ethnic background.

Do not judge a book by its cover but when it comes to renting your home people do not want to take any chances. You want to show people you are trying to play the innocent part, having sunglasses and a hat tells people you are trying again to hide your identity. Unfortunately if you are young it might make you look like you are rebellious.

3. Have one clear photo where there is just you in it.

Big group photos or far shots makes people think you are just trying to play games and or are trying mask your identity. God forbid someone had to call the cops people want a photo they can use to identify you, and if you are not comfortable providing one there is a problem. Do not forget at a hotel they ask for DRIVERS LICENCE or any other ID so do not take Airbnb for granted.

4. Leave a nice message, do not state your problems

Again, this is not a hotel whatever people say, people are not obligated to let you in so do not act like I must open my door. Be respectful, say hello, I am interested in your home, perhaps mention something simple about their house that strikes you. Showing people you appreciate the effort they made to create this place gives the homeowner the perception you will respect their home. Tell them a little about yourself, perhaps what you do for a living, again its not what you do it’s the idea behind the fact you got nothing to hide.

Do not tell them you are having trouble with your marriage, boyfriend or whatever, if you pour your heart on the first message people will think you have drama and might get scared away.

5. Rack up as many reviews as possible

Having good reviews always puts homeowners at ease. It is nice to see recommendations. When leaving a message encourage the host to check out your reviews by saying you had great experiences. When you are done renting, be respectful, clean up after yourself. Make sure to ask your host if there was anything you left out of place just for courtesy, even if you do not have to do it, this usually guarantees you a GREAT review.

6. Leave honest , yet fair and respectful reviews

This is a funny one because not many people think of it. Would you want to rent your home to someone who often leaves a nasty message all the time,and is critical of every single knickknack that’s wrong?

Some people are self proclaimed Airbnb critics, trying to be helpful to other renters by providing constructive feedback in their reviews, however they do not realize the drawback of being too critical.

Homeowners who want to keep their 5 star rating do not want a very picky person to bring their status down. If there has been any problem with anything and the host fixed it at once, you do not need to lower their star rating or write what happened on the review, especially if you were happy with the outcome. Shit happens, things don’t last forever, you got taken care of at once, so as long as you did not get hurt or ruin your belongings or mess up your stay for more than an hour, you can live with it.

Limit your constructive feedback for things you think the next people might actually have a true issue with in the future, rather than mentioning things that were no longer a problem during your stay.

In conclusion

As a renter I had people steal and cause lots of distress in my home. I called Airbnb twice to report a guest that was being disruptive, they did not get back to me until 2 days later. Thankfully the guest were receptive to our comments and began acting more responsibly afterwards. However I would have had to resort to the cops otherwise. Airbnb did not care because they did not have her ID on file, and the funnier part is someone else without ID made the booking for the person.

For any host and guest, you all deserve to feel safe and accepted. No matter of your background. Always make sure you tell someone else where you are going, especially if going alone.

Last thing, for all those WHO CAN try being a host for a change, it will open a different perspective for you.

People can be stupid and evil, kill them with kindness, and if you have been a victim of discrimination and you can prove it, report it.