Creepy in a way. Like finding out that maybe something or someone controls our lives.

He woke up. It was 5:30 in the morning. He had slept as bad as always, since he could remember. “I should buy a different coffee” thought to himself as he turned on the TV just to check the weather report. The streets were empty, just the cats roaming. The only sounds he could hear were his own footsteps. It was so quiet he could even hear his thoughts. Those same old thoughts about life, work, expenses and so on. The silence was so intense that he decided to put on the headphones and started listening to an old Neil…

After all, we are works in progress until our death.
Try not to lose your wonder.

Think about what you love. Time goes by, and our passion seems to be related with the same things over the years. It’s interesting how we keep on that emotional connection among those ideas and things that changed ourselves since so long ago. For instance, when I was a kid I used to play with LEGO bricks, and even now, thirty years after, I can feel that emotion whenever I assemble two of those magical pieces together. The sound of some inner switch that just triggers, and I can be five years old again.
But we keep on being hooked to…

Carved into you, it’s gonna be there forever.

That bridge is haunted. Or maybe it’s a medium designed for human salvation, who knows?. Anyway I can’t resist myself. Like a magnet I can feel invisible forces that hook me to be there. Can walk for miles just to see it. And there are days when it’s not enough. I just have to be near.

Yes, I know it isn’t normal. But what is “normal” anyway? We live our lives without noticing millions of people, places and things. We select a bunch for taking care of them. For loving, inspire and for being inspired by them. And sometimes that…

Truth was buried deep. There were no certainties.

His hands were frozen. It might have been the coldest winter morning. As a kid he used to play with his own breath on days like those. He liked to see the steam coming out of his mouth and evaporate. It was dawn and there was nobody on those big city streets.
Kept on walking, lost in his own thoughts and musings. He used to think that roaming without a certain destination was an activity that could help him to think. Like caring only about important matters, leaving every worry behind. “Like sanitize your mind” he used to laugh about.

Art is there to reveal itself to you, even when you never thought that existed.

I’ve always loved record stores. For me it’s like an escape from the real world. A way to leave everything behind, thinking only about music. And when I say music I mean the whole package; year published, special editions, singles, remastered works, everything. And I know it’s like a search. Since the moment I go into those holy grounds blessed by people who chose to embrace art and to sing their own truth to everyone. And then like a wave, the music soaks my soul and the journey begins once and again. And I search. Like a pirate to a…

Sebastian Ramirez

Technology lover, music addict, the in between is mine, I am mine...

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