About the passion

After all, we are works in progress until our death.
Try not to lose your wonder.

Think about what you love. Time goes by, and our passion seems to be related with the same things over the years. It’s interesting how we keep on that emotional connection among those ideas and things that changed ourselves since so long ago. For instance, when I was a kid I used to play with LEGO bricks, and even now, thirty years after, I can feel that emotion whenever I assemble two of those magical pieces together. The sound of some inner switch that just triggers, and I can be five years old again.
But we keep on being hooked to a lot of things. They can be films, songs or books that can relate with so many aspects of our lives. And sometimes it’s the time when you get in touch with these things what makes the difference. To have discovered The Beatles before I could talk, watched Pulp Fiction and read 1984 when I was a teenager, blew my mind. And if I would have got in touch with those things years after, surely I would have been enchanted by them. But maybe the connection would have been different. I like to think about it as if ‘I adopted them’ in some way. Because we put something from ourselves there. Those things can be like highways to the same feelings, and the same memories we had when we knew them. And we like to come back, like a nice place we return just because we feel good in there.

Somewhere in time, there was you. Seeing, listening, feeling something, and your heart just played a different beat. Something just went on. Like a burning fire, it started with that matchstick, and happily it just can’t be turned off. There’s no water in this world to stop that heat. It was just the right time, and that seed started growing into you. And what are we now? Well for me I’m a collage of those things. I’m Beatles’ songs, Tarantino’s films, Orwell’s books, a LEGO adventurer, and many, many other things. It’s not strange that I work with computers. I became a software engineer, and whenever I work in areas like architecture, development and so on, I remember those LEGO bricks. To build something unique, where there was nothing. To materialize ideas you have in your mind. That activity it’s my passion. Like a five year old kid.

Passion is something that lives inside of you and it must be fed so it can inspire you in many ways. There’s a lot of things, places and people waiting to give heat to our passion and so little time in this life. Do maths. You won’t be able to get them all. But maybe the trick it’s to find the right ones. And right ones are not always the better ones. Right ones are those that can make connections with you. Maybe it’s not Shakespeare, maybe it’s that writer, with just a couple of published books. And if you can’t understand that unique classical musician, well maybe that plain rock and roll record can make you happier than ever. Those things that can define ourselves, are the ones that matter. But take my advice; stay out of the comfort zone. Try anything and see if it’s for you. Don’t say no before a first try. You only can judge what it’s good to you when you have a pretty wide vision. World it’s full of exciting things to know.

So don’t be boring. Don’t waste your time. Find those connections. Passion won’t stop, but it’s better if you give wood to that heat. After all, we are works in progress until our death. Try not to lose your wonder.

And you will have your share of happiness. If you follow your passion you may not have an assured success life but I promise you’ll have a lot of fun. And one day some things are going to come back without you even notice. Those things that you adopted are going to be present in the ones you love. Because you have spread the word and share it’s magic. Out of nowhere, there will be moments that are going to stay with you forever. For me it was playing LEGO with my two year old boy, and even better than that was when he started singing “Love Me Do” in his lovely voice, unexpectedly, after watching a Beatles video (funnily the first single of The Beatles indeed!). Trying to imitate what he heard because maybe he felt good just to sing it. Those fab four might not be one of his passions for tomorrow, but his version of that song will undoubtedly be a unique memory for me.

So, go on. Feed your passion, share it with others. Watch, listen, read, learn, feel. A world it’s waiting for you!

Don’t be late.

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