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At Spruce, we’re building software to power the future of digital identity. Here’s the latest from our development efforts:

Rust VC/DID Library

  • We are continuing to implement Rust support for W3C Verifiable Credentials and the emerging W3C specification Decentralized Identifiers.
  • We have implemented preliminary support for JSON-LD and Linked Data Proofs. We plan to evolve this into a fully-fledged open source JSON-LD library for Rust.
  • We now support DID Resolution through the Universal Resolver API.
  • We are beginning discussions with professional security consulting firms to undergo a review of our core libraries and use of cryptography.
  • We have started to evaluate open-source licenses and establish contributor guidelines in preparation to release our work as open source. We want to ensure an excellent experience for potential contributors and the ecosystem right out of the first release. …

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What problem does Spruce solve? How did Spruce come to be?

Spruce is a digital identity company that reimagines trusted interactions for enterprises and governments. We help our customers create trusted digital ecosystems that reduce transaction costs for business dealings and government services by incorporating real-world facts throughout their workflows in a standards-based way.

Our products handle statements about an ecosystem’s actors and assets, including certificates, licenses, audit reports, and formal approvals, packaging them digitally so that they are tamper-proof, information minimizing, and traceable within a data supply chain. …

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We’re happy to announce that we have joined the W3C as an official member.

The W3C has continually demonstrated excellence in the development of Web standards, and has been instrumental in the development and implementation of verifiable credentials and decentralized identifiers. As participatory members of the Credentials Community Group, we felt that it’s important to become official members and solidify our commitment to the continued development of open, interoperable standards. We see the W3C membership not only as an important cornerstone of our identity efforts, but also as an opportunity to further our partnerships with other participating organizations, continue to lead the discussion on standards, and continue to promote an open internet.

If you would like to discuss our work or collaborate on an initiative, please take 30 seconds to leave us a message, and we will respond within 24 hours.

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Spruce Systems, Inc.

Reimagining Trusted Interactions

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