Benefits of choosing iOS for your business app that no app developer will tell you

In this modern age of going digital, every business is starting to focus on developing a custom app for its customers. The process of custom business app development takes a lot of planning and before that, the key decision one needs to make is about which platform the app should be developed for.

Android and iOS combined together have a 99.6% of the mobile operating system market share. So, if you plan to launch a business app, it has to be on one of the either platforms or both. When one is initially gearing up to get a custom app developed, one has to choose which OS has to be chosen first for app development. Building an application for both the platforms is time consuming as well as very costly. So, instead, it is advisable to choose one out of the two operating systems.

iOS and Android have been on the opposite sides of the smartphone market tug of war. According to various sales reports, iOS shares around 20% of the market share while Android dictates over the rest 80%. With such clear supremacy of Android over the smartphone market, Android seems to logical choice of operating system for your app development.

But, the market supremacy is not all that matters for choosing the suitable platform for your application. Android and iOS have their own upsides and drawbacks. Also, iOS has proven to be very effective when it comes to influencing customers for business.

There are several reasons to choose iOS app development for business, some of which are really appealing. Many business owners are not aware of these benefits and are sometimes carried away by the market share numbers.

That is why I have listed down some lesser known benefits of the iOS app platform which can greatly impact your business and help you attract more customers.

Importance of the iOS platform for business app development

Highly filtered audience

Though iOS has a lesser market share than Android, it is a choice preferred by most of those people who are more willing to pay for better services and comfort. In short, as Apple smartphones belong to the higher price range, only a certain slice of the population uses those gadgets. It is generally used by people who are open to spending money for things they want and a customised application for a business is something they might be more interested in.
 As the user base of iOS is comparatively smaller than than of Android, defining the the target audience and their needs becomes easier to determine. The needs of iOS users are less varied than that of Android users.

High RoI

As explained above, iOS offers a highly filtered audience and that that makes market penetration easy. iOS app development costs more than that of Android app development, but the the amount of influence created through an iOS business app is manifold than that of an Android business app due to the availability of more focused audience. Most people using iPhones are open to new businesses. Reports show that app user ratio gained by a business app on Apple store is higher than that on the Play Store.
 With the abundance of users, it becomes difficult to grab attention of Android users while it is easier to gain more users on the iOS platform. More attention and more users equals to a higher return of investment.


With increasing concern about cyber crimes, it is the basic need of any business application to be highly secure. This can be done easily in case of iOS app development due to the the high-end security layer that the platform has to offer. iPhone applications are effectively protected against malware, virus and all other threats that regularly intervene with enterprise operations on business apps. Data encryption is very easy in iOS app development and that gives the business app an impenetrable layer of security around it. This also helps build secure payment gateways for the user to be able to make payments through the app.
 Apps running on iPhones have high resistance against risks like data duplication, data encryption, and data theft and thereby protects the user identity as well as the app data stored in the cloud.

Summing up

These benefits are never clearly explained to business owners while they make the decision of choosing the platform for their app. That is why, sometimes business owners end up making the wrong decision. iOS offers an amazing user experience to users and that undoubtedly will help the business app gain more traction. So, if you want to get the best out of your business applications, you need to make sure that you outsource iOS app development to an experienced iOS development company. A future rich and custom designed business application can benefit your business in many more ways that you can fathom.