Socks5 Server using Heroku + Docker + chisel, step-by-step HOWTO

Alexander Malaev
Apr 17, 2018 · 2 min read

Yesterday was first day when RKN blocked Telegram Messenger. This block is affecting large ranges of IP networks, including Amazon and Google Cloud address ranges. So I’ve looked for free or cheap solution for running of SOCKS5 for Telegram.

I found this project

and this

Prior any further steps Docker must be installed on machine which chisel client will run.

Using It I fired up Socks5 just in minutes, using the following steps:

$ heroku login
Enter your Heroku credentials:
Password: ****************
Logged in as
  • Login to container registry:
$ heroku container:login
Login Succeeded
$ git clone
$ cd chisel-heroku
~/chisel-heroku $ heroku create
Creating app... done, ⬢ young-beach-98664 |
~/chisel-heroku $ heroku config:set CHISEL_AUTH=user:pass -a young-beach-98664
Setting CHISEL_AUTH and restarting ⬢ young-beach-98664... done, v3
CHISEL_AUTH: user:pass
~/chisel-heroku $ heroku container:push web -a young-beach-98664
<omited output>
~/chisel-heroku $ heroku container:release web
  • install chisel client on local machine and run it.
    I’m using docker, so I do so:
$ docker run -p 1080:1080 --rm -d jpillora/chisel client --auth user:pass
  • check what all is working:
$ curl --socks5
  • Done! Hope this HOWTO will be useful.

upd 17.01.2019:

some updates to article:
- removed `heroku plugins:install heroku-container-registry`
- added `heroku container:release web`

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