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Products using the power of Artificial Intelligence or AI are all around us. Siri can switch on your favorite TV show, order pizza from the nearest Domino’s, heat or cool the room, book your train tickets… Smart apps are on our TVs, phones, and even watches, making our lives easier and more efficient. But what about services? AI is behind a significant evolution of service-based businesses, who can now increase the range of their offerings, improve interactions with their customers or add new services, and generate new revenue streams. Here is how using AI creates memorable customer experiences.

Personalized services

AI-powered Big Data analytics systems can become a goldmine of actionable business insights on your website visitor engagement: what the majority of your customers come for? How do they interact with your offers? How are they engaged — and how to make them more engaged? …

With COVID-19 pandemic hitting hard, the healthcare industry is at the forefront of our defense. It needs all help it can muster, both in terms of physical aid and applying the latest technology to find the solution. People across the globe ask what can Machine Learning & AI do for healthcare? AlphaGo from Google Deep Mind has defeated the world Go champion back in 2017 — can all that investment and effort now be put to good use and help stop the coronavirus?

Actually, yes. There are multiple ways to use Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Many companies develop successful products on this market and today we briefly cover 10 examples of Machine Learning in healthcare. Read on to learn how these products work — and maybe find a way to augment your product or service with AI and ML! …

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Launching a new product is an interesting and exciting process for every startup. So, you have already validated your idea for market fit, raised some seed investments, and are ready to embark on this journey? Great! But you don’t want to spend half a year of your life without any guarantee of success? Read on to learn the pros and cons of MVP development and how to minimize the duration of this process!

Prolonged MVP development duration is one of the biggest risks you might face. Should you miss the window of opportunity, more agile competitors are sure to take your market share. However, rushing an MVP software development might lead to releasing a half-baked product that fails on the market. …



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