Me and my co-worker Piotr we had a presentation at Lubelskie Dni Informatyki conference. Our workshops was on topic: “Reactive apps with Angular 2”. Our presentation was split to two parts.

First was my part. I was talking about Angular 2 features instead of Angular 1.x version. Showing the changes in the concept and architecture.

I was showing the angular two features on Ng2Play seed — this is available on github —

Second presentation was presented by Piotrek — it was about Redux. We decide to show “Reactive App” with Angular and Redux.

The demo application is available on github:

Few photos from conference:

Two weeks ago I started work on backend api for application. The app codename is “Miblo” and this is a simple application for micro blogging platform. App is completely Open Source and if you wan you can watch source code here —

The technology stack is very small, because I just start working on it.

  • ExpressJS — for web framework to handle requests and responses. I pick this framework because it have a nice support from community.
  • MondoDB — for database, why I pick this? Hm, the best answer is that I want learn more about this database.
  • Mocha…

Marcin Grochulski

I'm just a Java Script Ninja, work hard in Lublin, Poland. In my free time I'm working on Open Source Projects and Hackerspace Lublin.

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