Starting work with NodeJS App

Two weeks ago I started work on backend api for application. The app codename is “Miblo” and this is a simple application for micro blogging platform. App is completely Open Source and if you wan you can watch source code here —

The technology stack is very small, because I just start working on it.

  • ExpressJS — for web framework to handle requests and responses. I pick this framework because it have a nice support from community.
  • MondoDB — for database, why I pick this? Hm, the best answer is that I want learn more about this database.
  • Mocha — in commercial project I never used this test framework. Like the previous point I just want learn more about this framework.

The first thing was configure the Continuous Integration systems like Travis CI and Semaphore CI. But which one? I chose both.

I used the speedtest package to test REST endpoints. Then appears the problem with server — when the tests are running the server should be on. So in the CI platform we can’t run npm start to start server, because npm is not running as daemon. So it will block all test’s.

The solution was adding the forever server which is running as daemon. The Travis CI config file is bellow.


Stay tuned :)

P.S. This is my first public post in English, so please be lenient for me :)