Spyros, I would love to hear more about how you’ve setup your cooperative.
Brad Nickel

Hello Brad! To begin with, thank you for your interest, I’d be more than glad to tell you more about our line of work at the cooperative.

Our company is established under law no. 4019 of 2011, which provides the legal foundation for such kind of enterprises. Our founding statement includes, among other things, a series of articles regarding collective management, use and promotion of open-source technologies, and a welcoming proposal for public educational seminars on digital marketing, web technologies and design.

From our point of view, technology and marketing are some of the key fields that were primarily grown as a result of the collaboration of large and diverse groups of people. So, for example, everyone is encouraged to participate in the idea generation process with his own view on the case. Also, each project is run by a minimum of two people and everyone inspects the final version before a launch.

In addition to that, we are not hesitant to work with an extended circle of designers, copywriters and techies that have only to add to our projects.

I hope that my response shed some light on our operations, please let me know if there is anything more I could comment on. Have a nice day :)

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