A poem by Spud Marshall

Along the coasts where the waves crash along the shores
Is where God awaits and cracks open the door
That invites us past our yesterday’s suspicion
Two worlds collide and we leave behind old traditions

For it is out on the fringe where elements collide
Where what we once were taught no longer resides
Because on the edges of life, where we step into the unknown
Is when our experience takes lead, into a foreign growth zone

When messages of peace collide with the realities of war
Or rigid stereotypes become friends who we can no longer ignore
The god written into pages penned many years ago
Is put to our test so that our faith might grow

As we tread down paths beyond the safety of ancient texts
We encounter dualities that leave us pondering and perplexed
The wisdom in an elder against the wonder of a child
Ambitious passion within us versus the humble and mild

A loving god that longs to be known inside each and every one of us
Portrayed again fire and wrath which we so rarely discuss
If God is love, and if grace is true
Then some messages we’ve been taught must be thoroughly reviewed

So we can stand on the shore, the sand content beneath our feet
We can walk along the dock where ships wait peacefully in their fleet
Or we can untie the small boat that seems alone and amiss
And sail into the depths of god’s rawness and bliss

We so rarely take the plunge and immerse in the deep
We prefer our towers and bridges, our castles we keep
Perched on horizons that peer far and wide
But the rushing currents beneath us is where god truly resides

As the water roars and you gaze out into the sea
The waves and the rain drench you as you could have never foreseen
But with time, god becomes known despite the looming dark skies
And sparks of his glory suddenly glimmer in your eyes

See, we are victims to the construct of time
We wrote it into existence so that our conscience might climb
But when seconds consume us, when man’s clock is our perspective
We fail to see god’s purpose beyond the ticks of time’s directive

So in the depths of the ocean, where our faith begins to tread
Our divine perspective grows and dying religion is shed
And we can choose to throw with it god on his gurney
Or embrace the insights discovered by those long ago on their journey

See god never dies, his story is evolving
But when we get stuck in dogma, the message seems dissolving

Never let your faith remain on the shores of the past
Step into the waters, so that you can behold the marvelous and vast
Expanse of god’s ocean, and the sands in which we were birthed
Because from the water, a beach takes on far grander worth

And in the same way that each grain of sand comes to form a shore
So does all of our lives, past and present they account for
The many ways in which god is known and revealed
Our collection amasses, our wholeness we wield

And in our seeking we breath life into god’s very being
Through our curious lives we’re simply guaranteeing
That the god of our forefathers, the god of ancient lands
Will evolve amidst the wonder of time’s constant shifting sands

Behold the grains in their grandeur
Seek the rapturous divine with your
Hunger and thirst
Your self is submersed
To the depths of god’s love
The water rushes above
And you’ll find in those moments, when you’re out on the fringe
That the god beyond time is found waiting within

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