Progressive Values?
Stephen R. Jaffe

Years ago, Virginia's open primaries were held on different days per party and there was nothing to prevent people from casting votes in both. (They’ve since held them on the same day, with voters having to select which ballot they choose to complete.) I was asked by a friend to vote for McCain in the 2000 GOP primary, and he made a good case for it so I did. Thus, I ended up on GOP mailing lists for a while, which was an eye opener. The point of all this is that I received a GOP questionnaire from Ken Mehlman with very leading, manipulative questions that would leave the GOP voter little option but to comply with the party line, donate immediately, and regard the opposition as a subhuman enemy. I gave it a little credit as a tidy bit of morbid psychological warfare, courtesy of Karl Rove, and tossed it in the recycling. It wasn’t much later that I received a very, very, similar questionnaire from Nancy Pelosi, just with the topics changed. It was too obvious that she was taking a page from the Rove/GOP playbook, and I found it even more disgusting than the first. I applaud you for running against her. I just wish I could vote for you!