Please Stop Lying.

If you give a mouse a cookie…


Seriously, it doesn’t help you. They say the definition of an alcoholic is when alcohol creates issues for you that wouldn’t be there or are worsened by the alcohol. Lying has not served you well in the past and it doesn’t serve you well now. It creates trust issues which don’t need to be there and it makes other issues worse than they need to be.

You are not as good a liar as you think. Don’t take that as a challenge, I’m certain I missed stuff.

You went to DIA. I don’t believe that for several reasons. You would have gotten some points for thinking of it and making the attempt. But elaborating on it just makes me think you are still lying.

You would have bobtailed to my house. I don’t believe that as you’ve had several opportunities to do so and you don’t want to lose your job.

You bought Reese’s at half price. That doesn’t make you bad, that makes you smart. I believe that.

You were upset when you found you didn’t have the money for the bus. I believe that.

You asked me to move the car away from the front of the Cheyenne truck stop because you wanted privacy. I don’t believe that.

You love me. I don’t believe that. You have chosen LGW many times over me. In July/August/September/October. After her birthday. After the tulips. After I was in Idaho and we started making plans. You took the photos of the 2 of us down because it bothered her. She didn’t like being blocked. She wanted a Christmas present. And on and on and on.

You were not been communicating or having contact with her. I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT and would stake my children’s lives on that. Even “I didn’t want to hurt her feelings” didn’t work the 2nd time. You did what you wanted to do.

I understand why you lied about Atlanta.

You feel bad about hurting me. I believe that, but you don’t feel bad enough to change, so you will keep doing it.

It was real. It wasn’t real because you weren’t real. The only chance in hell we had was for you to come clean and for us to start over. That means confessing it all, yes including the communication and the boy toys, and begging for mercy. But continuing the same modus operandi only confirms my previous decision.

We had a lot going for us. I believed that.

Bennett said out of the blue the other day, the best way to lie is to convince yourself first.

You miss me. I believe that. You would rather be with me than to be alone.

I am part of the fabric of you. I don’t know about that. I believe that I understand you better than anyone else. LGW understands men, but I understand you.

I believe…I have done that exercise before.

Please stop lying. I don’t believe you can but I had to ask for the $1,000,000 anyway.

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