The Beginning of Crowdsourced Security

In a continually changing world, it is becoming harder and harder to keep loved ones safe. SpyChain provides a simple to use solution that allows people to take charge of their own safety.

SpyChain is an intelligent Facebook Messenger bot that allows people to anonymously report security concerns and incidents. There is nothing to download to use the bot; SpyChain can easily be accessed via Facebook Messenger. SpyChain does not hold any personally identifiable information on its servers to ensure that everything stays anonymous.

How it works

Leveraging the CogniFrame cloud-based Machine Learning platform, SpyChain is able to patternize and intelligently predict security hot spots. More than just a reporting tool, SpyChain is an intelligent bot that learns from every security report it receives.

SpyChain expects to offer features that will assist people when they travel and support natural language, image and voice processing capabilities in the very near future. With SpyChain, safety is just a few clicks away.

Partner with SpyChain Today

Subscribe to the SpyChain bot on Facebook and start reporting. Work with us to help generate awareness and to keep your communities safe.

SpyChain is currently offering companies an opportunity to receive a customized security bot in an organization’s name that can be accessed via their Facebook page or via the Messenger app. SpyChain will also provide access to organizations via a dashboard that provides a real-time view to events, security hot spots, etc. SpyChain invites expressions of interest from partners in categories such as organizations, law enforcement, universities/colleges, security services, malls, stadiums, and high schools.

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