The phrase “Monkey Work, Baboon chop” is used in my country and I will decipher what it means at the end of this article. Meanwhile, before we dive into Generic, let’s take a step back to see the headache we avoid by using a strictly typed language.

What is Strongly and Loosely typed language?

According to Wikipedia: Generally, a strongly typed language has stricter typing rules at compile time, which implies that errors and exceptions are more likely to happen during compilation. Dynamically typed languages (where type checking happens at run time) can also be strongly typed. …

In part 1 of this series, we learned about Docker Image and Container, in this series we will dive into how to create our own Docker image and how we can create an application and expose it through a port. We will primarily be looking at Dockerfile and how to specify commands in the Dockerfile.

In the first series, the first thing we did was to type ‘docker run hello-world’ and that printed “hello world” with some other information. What is in the hello-world image? If you are curious, please visit here, to find out how it was created.


Everyone in the industry is talking about Docker and how it helps us set up a development environment effortlessly; ship quality software faster e.t.c.

In this series we will bootstrap a simple web application using React (You don’t need to know React) and we will build the production minified code and serve it on an Nginx server that we can access on the browser. We will also figure out how we can use Docker for our development environment; binding our source code to a volume.

We don’t need to take time to dive into virtualization or comparing it to containers…

Async-Await is a super version of Generators, while I consider Generators the super versions of Iterators, Iterators are built around the concept of Symbols. Iterators are a fancy paradigm built from a programming concept called iterable. An iterable is an object capable of returning its members one at a time, permitting it to be iterated over in a for-loop.

This post will dive deep into Symbols as Iterator, the next post will talk about Generators and we will see how Generators help us to write sweet and clean asynchronous code with Async-Await.

Introduction to Symbol

According to MDN, The Symbol() function returns a…

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