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Yes, Bernie MAY have won. Look at the county-by-county results for the primary. Bernie took many of those rural white counties that Trump ultimately won. Why? Because he had a singular message, one that resonated more with rural working class voters.

“But they would have called him a SO-SHUL-IZUM!”

So. They called Obama a socialist too. They also called Kerry, Bill Clinton, et al socialists as well. They call every Democrat a socialist. They’ve backed themselves into a rhetorical corner, because when an old white Jewish guy comes along who actually admits to being a socialist it doesn’t mean squat anymore.

This was an election that turned on populism and “shaking things up”, and the Dems brought a knife to a gunfight. We tried to tell you, and most of us ended up voting for Empress Clinton anyway, even after being called sexist mansplainers, and we still got shafted.

The DNC, the author of this post, and the down-talking culture-warriors who wanted so bad for the first woman to be President that they ignored all of Clinton’s huge flaws are the ones who need to apologize. Or not. I actually don’t care, but I’m also not going to apologize for being right.

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