Adapting To The Challenges At Bootcamp

Life is a journey, and on that path, there are many signposts identifying a phase. I remember my senior high school biology teacher saying one of the things that make an organism living is its ability to respond to changes(stimuli) in its environment. When I think about that point now I’d rephrase it as the ability of the organism to make a decision based on situations around it, adapt to changes by creating its own responses. That was about a decade ago and I have found that simple definition to be the ultimate rule of existence. Now let me get down to how this rule has played out at this phase of my life where I find myself trying to become a world class developer. This is the concluding part of the series “The Diary of a Bootcamper Part 2”.

In the post link shared in the paragraph above, I was able to share how my experience at the Andela Bootcamp has been, the challenges faced while working on my personal bootcamp project and how I was finally able to solve them. But forgive me for leaving out some of the good stuff which is part of what I will be sharing with you today in this post. So I’ve actually been going through some kind of evolution in order to be able to adapt to the commitments required to succeed both at bootcamp and as a developer.

First adaptation point, I’ve had to cope with sleeping quite late and waking up very early in the morning to get started on my project. This has been necessary because I’ve come to have the belief that the important things are better done in the morning. Another change I’ve had to make is the amount of time I spend on social media catching up with friends, there is really no time for that now as all my focus is directed at finishing my project and learning to get better as a programmer. In other words, my work ethics had to be tuned up to be able to cope with the rigors of bootcamp. During the interactive session we had on my first day at bootcamp where we discussed having a growth mindset is key to succeeding at anything.

During the interactive session we had on my first day at bootcamp, we discussed having a growth mindset as being key to succeeding at anything. Building the “Yes I can!” attitude has really helped me and brought me this far and it is my belief that it will take me beyond. Now the way I see problems or challenges is quite different, I see them as an avenue to learn and grow by solving them. There was this day I was faced with the problem of implementing a feature on the project I’m currently working, this feature will allow users to add comments and vote a created post just like on Facebook and other social media platform you may be familiar with. I have never done anything related to this before so I had no idea how to start, instead of getting discouraged I felt motivated to use this challenge to learn and after hours of surfing the net and reading I was finally able to solve it. Now I’m more open to learning new things and believing more in myself.

More importantly, I’ve come to learn and see things from the perspective of other people. Through collaboration and active team discussion with other bootcampers, I’ve come to see the importance of teamwork. I must confess asking people for help doesn’t come naturally to me, but that is one of the many things that has changed about me since I started attending bootcamp. Bootcamp activities conclude in few days and I will miss the whole experience but the values learned will forever be part of me.

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