The Diary Of A Bootcamper Part 1

My smartphone alarm application was the culprit again as it succeeded in disrupting my sleep early that morning, I was about to turn it off to continue sleeping when I suddenly remembered that the day was Monday 28th of August; bootcamp starts today and I had better start preparing to leave if I didn’t want to be held up in the early morning road traffic. By the time I packed my laptop into my backpack and checked the time to be sure I was not running late, it was few minutes past 7am already. There is no escaping the traffic I thought to myself as I remembered there is an ongoing road construction on the same route I would take, that coupled with how busy Lagos roads always are at that time of the day.

When I finally arrived at Epic Towers to join up with my team members and other bootcampers, I was already more than an hour late. Luckily for me, I was allowed entry after explaining to Victoria(one of the Bootcamp facilitators) why I was late. So you may be wondering what this bootcamp is all about, it is actually part of a monthly recruitment exercise organized by Andela aimed at training the next generation of global tech leaders and selecting candidates with promising potentials to be a part of the tech company. Shortly after arriving, we were split into teams and introduced to the Learning Facilitators(LFA) who will be in charge of each team’s learning progress for the first week.

I must confess I was a bit eager to get started as I have been looking forward to this since I got the email invitation for the bootcamp. My LFA met with me and other three members of the team. After the usual introductions and team bonding, I had a review with Damilola(my LFA) about my project progress we had been asked to work on prior to the start of bootcamp. This being completed and pieces of feedback shared, I was ready to start the day’s task. I went through the tasks to be completed and made a checklist as is encouraged to stay on track. Minutes turned into hours as I poured myself into my work. It was time for lunch before I knew it so I used this to rest and interact with others on different subjects ranging from the challenges faced while completing their tasks to topics on technology and life in general.

About 4.30pm we had an interactive discussion forum where we all shared and talked about the things learned so far. It really was fun and engaging as I learned a lot from the session. This wrapped up the bootcamp session for the day and I enjoyed every bit of it. In the meanwhile I need to keep working on my project and keep developing myself in order to align with the Andela EPIC(Excellence, Passion, Integrity, Collaboration) values. To be continued