The Diary Of A Bootcamper Part 2

Today marks the third consecutive day of bootcamp activities and I have been super busy working on my project. I’ve been up since 5am so I could get a head start to resume work on my bootcamp project. It is on days like this that I seem to care less about having breakfast or taking a shower first(I know some of us are also guilty of this so please don’t judge), my laptop was just some few inches away from where I was sleeping on the couch so I reached out and flipped it open to announce the official kickoff of bootcamp day 3. My head still felt a little foggy and it was after some knuckle cracking and stretching ritual I realised I haven’t really rested properly since I had only slept less than four hours before that time. It took some willpower to resist the urge of going back to sleep cause, to be honest, it didn’t feel like the right time to be racking my head over some line of codes.

I kept staring at my laptop screen for some few minutes trying to make sense of the bunch of code editors in a launched state showing the different aspects of the project I was working on. One caught my attention and it was then I finally remembered I was about working on the database design for my application before sleeping, I did a quick check on my notepad where I usually keep a checklist to confirm this and commenced work immediately. After about two hours of frantic typing on the keyboard, I decided to check up on my wonderful team members Justin, Gbenga and Nas to know how they are progressing on their individual projects. Progress seemed great from all their responses except for Nas who was having a bit of difficulty with his template designs.

After getting some work done and being satisfied with the progress, I checked the feedback Damilola gave regarding how to improve my template design to effect the appropriate changes as advised. Not forgetting the targetted skill sessions for the day covering HTTP/Web Services and Writing Professionally, I browsed through my documents to fetch some PDFs I had downloaded on them from the last bootcamp to refresh my memory. Exactly 2pm I remembered I haven’t had breakfast or lunch so I took a break to get some snacks.

On returning to my system to commence work I saw a message notification from Phil informing us we are to resume on site tomorrow. Things just got a lot tougher cause what that means is that I will have to make significant progress on the project between before tomorrow morning, so the final verdict is no sleeping tonight. This is what I have signed up for, and one of the core attributes of a good developer is being able to work and deliver on schedule. Time and tide waits for no man, I had better get going then. See you tomorrow beloved reader.