So by now, it probably has become apparent to some that the world is in a time of crisis unlike anything that we have ever seen. Being a citizen of the United States of America, I would like to begin with a friendly, I told you so. I’m not sure how the rest of the nation did not see this coming, but we seriously fucked up this time.

It all began in 1946, the year that our 45th president was born. Donald Trump was born to a wealthy father, who was an active real estate mongrel, hailing from a German and Scottish background. By the age of 13, Donald J. Trump was sent to a military school by his wealthy parents, named the New York Military Academy. He graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in economics, and well, the rest is a story almost to unbelievable to be made up.

Donald Trump made his money not so much in real estate, but more-so branding. The name “trump” became synonymous with everything from everything from playing cards to casino’s. Donald Trump is known for his publicity stunts, growing up in the public eye. He’s very outspoken, and not-so well worded. My questioning about his candidacy wasn’t based upon his lack of political experience, but more-so, why Trump never publicly stated that he wished to be President prior to the year 2012 when he jokingly stated the possibility of his candidacy. In fact, Trump’s first political commentary wasn’t about his own election dreams, but it began by questioning the “credibility” of Obama’s origin of birth.

Being as Obama was the first African-American president of the United States it was only a matter of time before he faced scrutiny. Trump publicly lead and funded a search for Obama’s birth certificate. Although every president ever elected had their birth certificate on file, Obama chose to remain silent about it until he finally released it to the public. Supporters of Donald J. Trump believed that Obama was a “Muslim” born outside the United States, and my theory is this was his first political play. A slander campaign against one of the most interesting president’s we have had in recent history.

From there, the rest is more-recent history. In the first one hundred days of Donald Trump’s presidency, so many accusations have arisen, you would think that they were coming from the bedroom of Neverland ranch. Where do I begin, I think the first red-flag that Donald Trump had serious problems really came from the lack of tax information provided to the public.

Now at first, I thought along with many others that it was just Hilary’s attempt to refute the accusations of her private email server. But upon further review, I believe it could have been possible Donald Trump had not been funding his campaign alone, as previously claimed. Although the number is certainly unclear, Trump was quoted as “being prepared to spend one billion dollars on his campaign, if he had too”. I’m in no way an economic-analyst, but I believe that Trump’s net worth does vary. Considering he owns multiple stocks, had connections to Enron, the Dakota Pipeline, and other investments, a billion in cash would be a hefty number to make liquid in such a short time.

So, as the saying says follow the money. This is what I came up with, according to the FEC, or the Federal Election Commission, by January 31st, 2016 the President had accepted almost 8 million in donations from private donors. Now the other 18 million was in the form of loans. Not liquid assets, so were they directly contributed from the President himself? Without tax records, it is nearly impossible to tell. Only one percent of that 18 million dollars was directly donated through Trump himself. So, this leads me to my next point, mother Russia.

Directly after the election, the intelligence community released document’s explaining that Russia may have played a role in our election, supporting Donald Trump. The hack’s may have played a crucial role in our election, and although we never can tell if this caused Trump his victory, it certainly made me wonder why Russia would hack our election, especially in support of Trump. Now my theory is, some of his contributions may have come from the same nation that hacked election day.

Before the election, Trump spoke highly of improving our relations with Russia. He first said that he met Putin on sixty minutes, then denied it. For the purpose of this article, I’m not even going to attempt to quote the Trump administration on Trump’s affairs with Russia prior as it changes more than Robin William’s mindset. But, it’s pretty fishy, right?

If you didn’t think so before the fourth week of the presidency, you should be after our national security advisor resigned due to concerns about this. Michael Flynn, appointed by Donald Trump himself, resigned due to a conflict of interest regarding the ties with Russia.

Then, more recent accusations about wire-tapping prior to Trump’s election as President arose. Trump immediately took to twitter and began a slander campaign against Obama, once again. Although I’m not a fan of the patriot act, it may have come in handy for once.

With all of this being said, I believe that our president has no Trump cards left to play. It may be possible he’s a Russian puppet, like I have grown to believe. It also may

be possible with people like Bannon, that he’s just a Zionist nut-job, or he might just be plain stupid. I’m not sure which one I would prefer him to be as he’s now the person in charge of the largest nuclear arsenal on the planet. But if this keeps up, it’s bound to be a very interesting four years. With foreign relations being as tense as they are, and with countries like North Korea and Russia testing nuclear missiles daily, let’s hope that we get this figured out sooner than later.

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