Maria-Liisa Bruckert and SQIN in the international Google Program

You can not balance child and career? That is nonsense, thinks Maria-Liisa Bruckert. And she proves it, too: Our foundress is currently taking part in Google’s “The Female Founders Immersion” program for 12 weeks. With our company, she was selected as one of ten out of hundreds of international applicants.

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“I am really proud to be part of such an extraordinary founders round.”

“Google has thoroughly tested us. The sustainable approach, in which our network and the support of other founders is very important to us as an independent platform, finally convinced them”, says Maria.
SQIN has now gained four Google mentors all over the globe, who will support our beauty start-up in our further development. …

The two founders Shirley Billot and Maria-Liisa Bruckert met each other within the selection of the international Google for Start-ups program. Now, Shirley’s KADALYS beauty products are entering the German market by collaborating with our AI Tech company.

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Maria-Liisa Bruckert (SQIN) and Shirley Billot (KADALYS)

KADALYS is the first eco-conscious brand with patented active ingredients from the banana plant, offering skincare products with efficacy, authenticity, and sustainability. This France based company is currently one of the most hyped beauty brands on the market and won several awards (Best Organic Brand, Best Indie Brand, …). Founder Shirley Billot put together the values of her native island Martinique and an innovative cosmetics active ingredient. Shirley put a big part of her home into a new kind of beauty products: bananas. …

After being launched in 2019, SQIN — or, back then, BeQu — has developed continuously. After only a short time, mobilbranche.de has become aware of us and a little later, they published an about us.

From today’s point of view, we are super proud what BeQu turned into since. We want to thank the author, Fritz Ramisch, for seeing so much potential in us back then.
But from the present perspective, we need to clarify a few aspects.

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Our founders — Martin, Maria and Björn

The first thing that catches the eye is the headline: “Mit BeQu Beautyprodukte umsonst bekommen” (Get free beauty products with BeQu).
Sure, Retention is super important for our app. This is the reason why we implemented free give-aways or, to take up another example from the report, a quiz feature. Nevertheless, there is much more behind SQIN than just free products, discounts or exciting magazine articles. In our app, retail is being completely redefined. Through matching the right people with the right products for the right price, a completely new shopping experience is being created. …



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