Work Conditions for an auto mechanic

Work Conditions for an auto mechanic

Auto mechanics are commonly known as automotive service technicians that are responsible to perform diagnostic tests and repairs on vehicles. They find employment in a variety of places related to auto services, from government agencies to repair shops. The precise working conditions depend on the employer because this not a easy work, the essential thing is the requirement of certain parts that are required to replace or repair certain parts. Auto mechanics has to work hard and for this he has to work all day long to complete his targets of repairing and installation.

Typical Shop Conditions

According to the bureau of statistical analysis, at most shops and also in government agencies, the work environment is well-lighted and properly ventilated. But one who has ever taken their cars in for service on a hot summer or in cold winter day knows, shop temperatures are not always ideal to work on. Shops that specialize in oil changes and lubrication use an arrangement that called a pit, here customers drive their vehicles into the shop, straddling an open area then the mechanic then enters the pit to perform the repairing or replacing work. Pit areas are typically not well-ventilated and are usually hot during summer season. This work also means that mechanics work in greasy and dirty environment that makes them frustrated sometimes but as time passes they are use to with these conditions.


According to the analysis the auto mechanics frequently work overtime. Because some shops are mostly open late, mechanics may have to work evenings, Saturdays and Sundays to complete their targets. The major mechanics are employed on a full-time basis.

Tools and Equipment Used

Most common hand tools are screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers, but mechanics often use power tools upon requirement of certain repairs. These include welding torches, pneumatic wrenches and power jacks. Some shops provide computerized diagnostic machines to mechanics for their proficient work because most modern vehicles have computer-controlled elements, here original factory service manuals for your car is available to guide them in these cases. They also use electronic diagnostic tools to test for problems.

Risk of Injury

The rate of illnesses and injuries is higher for mechanics than the national average rate because their work is hard and injuries occurs most often in almost many things of repairing and replacing . Risk comes from lifting heavy tools, equipment or parts. Common injuries are small burns, bruises or cuts that are caused from contact with hot or sharp parts. Strains and sprains were also common in mechanics and most often caused by overexertion.


According to the analysis report, an auto mechanic earned an average salary of $38,560 annually. The lowest paid is no more than $20,620, but the best paid is at least $59,600 per year. The salaries of auto mechanic depend upon areas where he works.

An auto mechanic has to work hard to become experienced and this work is most often lead to overtime and also cause minor and major both injuries.

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