Words for My Mother

Mom listens with eyes; yes, they do seem to reach
Out towards you or whomever happens to speak
She’ll use them to comfort, as well as to teach;
I love those kind eyes, set between rosy cheek.
Mom must be bilingual, for using her hands
Adds a second language to work and to plans —
All of which tend to function, just like herself,
For first helping others (while her needs take the shelf).
Mom’s hugs are tender, yet firm and with feeling —
Clasping your arms, her eyes turn toward the ceiling
She thanks the Lord for another day with you.
Who IS this woman, one who loves beyond due?
Mom is a champion, a healer, a friend
She is steadfast and true, loyal without end.
There’s no way to sum who she is to her family;
Life without her would be sheer calamity.
A husband knows much, a child sees glimpses
Of all a mom gives, by hours and inches
But neither could ever be fully aware
Of her heart’s vast width nor the depths of her care.
Mom, thank you for all that you are and you’ve done
You’ve given more than any under the sun.
Not just this day, but every out of the year,
Please know you’re adored by all whom you hold dear.
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