About a week or two ago I started following some how-tos on the internet for building kernels and/or hypervisors in Rust. It’s been a fun adventure and I thought I would compile my notes together in case someone wants to follow along or see how an OS starts up. Most of the examples out (probably to keep things simpler…) are based on x86_64 hardware. To spice things up a bit I decided that I’d be targeting aarch64 (ARMv8) instead using QEMU’s virt board.

The intended audience here is someone with a background in programming, but not necessarily kernel programming or C. A familiarity with assembly syntax is helpful, but certainly not required. The same can be said for a working knowledge of Rust. This is mostly a vehicle to talk about all the exciting concepts in lower-level programming as opposed to a “Here’s how to write Rust.” …

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Amazing Stories!

Sometime ago I made a personal project out of reading the list of Hugo award winning science fiction novels. I don’t remember exactly when it started, but as I write this I’m working my way through the 1990s. I offered to put together a reading list for friends based on the entries I’ve read so far with some light commentary on which ones I’d recommend and which ones I’d skip.

Me as a reader & Who this is for

I’m going to qualify this entire list with the kind of reader I am. First off, I tend to read short fiction and novellas. Shorter is better and I am immediately skeptical of any book over 250 pages. I also distrust books that are meant to be a series. Concise is good. I do not, however, have any particular preferences on hard science fiction versus “softer” science fiction. …


Chris Chandler

Software engineer, investor, and aspiring humanitarian. Trying to find ways to make things a little bit better. https://squanderingti.me

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