Thanksgiving aka Food Christmas is my 2nd favorite holiday. It is my favorite well because of the food , and you can not tell me you don’t like food. Thanksgiving to me is about eating amazing food and being with Family and watching Football. While that might seem cliche I still love thanksgiving. All of the Ham , Turkey , Mashed Potatoes , Corn , it’s all so good.

My Family is also something I look forward too. I am really close too my family. Most of my family lives in a 20 mile radius. My Grandparents partially raised. Not because of my parents didn't , but because I would go over to their house in summer when my parents would both work. They have brought me so many good memories and have done so much to me.

Also what is Thanksgiving without football? Well not everybody likes football but in general most people do. Since I was young I have always liked the Steelers *people boo in the background*. Yes I am a Steelers fan and no I don’t hate the Browns but when the Steelers and Browns play I root for the Steelers. Yes I know I should root for the home team , but really how can I cheer for a Team that hasn’t won a game at all this season.

All throughout my life I have always looked towards Thanksgiving and couldn’t wait for all the goo food. I just hope that I will be able to make just as good as food for my kids in the future.

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