Leading Tech Business Guide, The Manifest, lists Squareball Studios as one of the top 30 Dallas app developers in Texas for 2020.

Projects and client reviews

With technology booming, app development has become not only a “smart move,” but a necessary move for may companies. And when necessity is on the rise, higher demand…

Read the backstory of how a father and son duo expanded their app development company outside of Dallas, Texas and into Latin America.

Father and Son app developemt company illustration

Why the name Squareball Studios (SBS)?

Andrew: “The name came about because we’re both from New York. I was born there and my father was raised there. As you know, Times Square has a New Year’s ball drop every year, which could also be referred to as a ‘square ball.’ And hence, the name for our…

Research and ratings firm, Clutch.co, names Squareball Studios (SBS) as one of the top development companies in both the United States and Latin America.

Man with trophy celebrating win illustration

For years, we at SBS have strived to be one of the best at what we do. So, being named one of the top development companies makes us feel like we’re doing something right.

How We Got Here

At SBS, we work to deliver world-class solutions in order to create apps that both our…

Learn how to successfully manage mobile app development projects and keep them moving smoothly toward launch by reading these 7 useful tips.

Man Writing Down How to Manage Mobile App Development Projects Sucessfully

Knowing how to manage mobile app development projects successfully should be considered important by all app developers. A botched process can lead to project overruns that most entrepreneurs and businesses simply cannot afford.

Needless to say, guiding clients through the process is step one. Using Agile or SCRUM methodology to…

Read to learn why you should consider these six nearshore app development pros for your mobile and software development needs.

Nearshore App Development Illustration

It’s quite common in today’s world to look for great products for great prices. And why not? We all love a good deal. But can good deals apply to the app development world? Or is it just like that saying? “You get what you pay for.” With onshore talent becoming…

It’s important to ask the right questions before signing with a mobile app development firm. These 5 questions should definitely be on your list.

Questions to Ask a Mobile App Development Company Illustration

In an effort to attract more customers and build better relationships with current clients, many companies are jumping into the world of mobile apps. In most cases, that means hiring a mobile development company to design and build an app. Like any business project, mobile apps require a large sum…

Squareball Studios

We enable creatives, startups, and Fortune 500s to realize their vision through strategy, design, development, and growth. https://www.squareballstudios.com

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