Free PowerShell Monitoring Management Pack coming soon…

We’re pleased to announce that, after a fair bit of work our end, we’re nearly ready to release our new PowerShell Monitoring Management Pack — which will be freely available to download and open-sourced via GitHub. However, before we release this Management Pack into the wild we’ll be hosting a Release Webinar on the 19th July to tell you all about it. There will be two available sessions to choose from — so you can pick the one that best works for your timezone.

So, to be the first to see the Management Pack in action, take a technical deep-dive with its developers and see some awesome examples, all you need to do is register for your preferred session on our website.

About the Management Pack

The PowerShell Monitoring Management Pack adds support for PowerShell everywhere that you would expect to see it within the authoring pane of the SCOM console (i.e. everywhere there is currently VBScript).

This means that custom two- and three-state monitors, custom rules for performance and event collection and custom agent tasks can all make use of PowerShell — all through standard wizards in the SCOM console.

Because the MP’s not limited to custom monitors, you can get get awesome results from the MP without any great complexity. For example, if you or your colleagues have useful PowerShell scripts that can pull back handy troubleshooting data, or take a simple remediation action for a known problem, then, hey-presto, you can quickly wrap that up as a SCOM agent task and push it out to your IT operations teams in just a few clicks.

To us, SCOM is and always has been a platform and, thanks to its Management Pack architecture, extensibility has always been at the heart of its power and potential. This unique architecture opens up endless opportunities, not just in terms of what you can monitor using SCOM but also how you monitor with it.

We believe that’s what makes SCOM the perfect platform with which organisations can take on the challenge of enterprise application monitoring.


Let’s face it, the fact that the SCOM Console only supports VBScript hardly screams cutting-edge, 21st century technology. Everyone knows that PowerShell is the modern way. Everyone knows that it’s the language today’s IT Pro is familiar with.

So, we thought we’d harness the power of the community and make it happen!

We hope to see you at our PowerShell Monitoring Management Pack webinar on the 19th July.

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