The Russian Hack Is Dirty

I don’t like to dabble in conspiracy, but this Trump — Putin dynamic is seeming less like conspiracy and more like reality as time has gone by.

It’s no secret that I plan on supporting Hillary Clinton in the fall. She will protect the legacy of inclusion, growth, and stability that has come to be the hallmark of the Obama administration, and in the face of a danger like Trump is the right (and moral) choice in November.

So, now that I have been honest with you on that front, let’s be honest with ourselves on Trump.

The ‘Putinic’ Plan

Trump is an under-qualified, unpredictable, sellout of a candidate, and he is simply dangerous. This new development in which Russian intelligence has hacked the DNC and is dumping their dirty laundry on WikiLeaks shows just how dangerous they think Clinton is compared to Trump. (Oh, and US intelligence officials are all but flat out saying it was Russia.) But why would they decide that now is the time to really start meddling in elections?

Russia sees Trump’s potential inauguration as a stepping stone to shifting the balance of power back their way. Since the end of the Cold War we have had presidents that were pretty black and white on their opposition of a return to “Soviet era” power spheres. Trump throws that calculus out of whack and actually promotes the lessening of American power in that region. For a candidate that is about making us “GREAT AGAIN” this utterly confuses me.

There is so much that is fishy with this whole situation. Even this morning Trump called for Russia to hack the email of Hillary Clinton to find her missing emails. This is not a tacit endorsement of cyberwarfare against the United States, it is a rock solid one. Hillary Clinton is now the nominee of the Democratic party, and the Republican nominee is calling for foreign state actors to target her digital presence. How can you call yourself strong on defense and strong towards Russia when you literally are inviting them to attack yourself?

The Building Blocks of A Ghost Partnership

This all comes full circle when you look at the recent statements of Trump and his campaign head Paul Manfort.

Trump has noted at the possibility of not defending NATO allies. NATO was created to defend the West against the USSR. This is good for Russia.

Trump has touched on pulling out of the WTO. This would reduce the economic power of the US and drastically damage the world economy. That is good for Russia since they can then leverage their position as a large economy more effectively with the US as less of a player.

Trump and company had little interest in the RNC platform’s construction, except when it came to reducing the amount of military aid the US sends to Ukraine. Let’s be real, that is REALLY good for Russia.

Trump also refuses to release his tax returns. For everyone that buys his “I’m under audit” excuse go take a lap around the track of naiveté. RICHARD NIXON released his returns under audit and didn’t bat an eyelash. Sure, he put out the requisite financial disclosure form (There aren’t particularly any bombshells in his financial disclosure form, but that doesnt show the full picture. (Admission here: I read his full financial disclosure and he has outstanding loans in excess of $50,000,000 at foreign banks. Makes me think he is pretty easy to manipulate.)), but that doesn’t do much for the American people. Right now, I want to know the gritty extent of his financial dealings and I want proof that he isn’t being bought by Russia. Where are the #TrumpTaxes?!?!

Also, on a side note, Donald Trump Jr. said that they are in business with a lot of Russian organizations and financiers back in a previous interview saying, and I quote, “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” So yeah, the Trumps and Russia are joined at the hip. For all of you ‘I want to return to post-WWII strength anti Russia US’ and I still support Trump people, how can you even support him when he is playing into the hands of our former and rising foe?

Mana-sold out the-fort

Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign head, represented and did business with oligarch that were pretty close with the Kremlin. This also doesn’t even begin to describe his documented ties to Putin allies in Russian industry.

Manafort ran a private equity fund that didn’t make much money, but also equally didn’t do much to account for the money that flowed through it. Manafort disappeared from Russian circles, but now has popped up as Trump’s front man. This is after he was ridiculed for having to practically go underground by the GOP.

You Decide

This is not a definitive account of the links between the Trumps, Manafort, and the Russian government, but it is the broad strokes of what could be collusion of debtors and governments to have international actors sway the election of the US President in their favor.

The water here is murky, and personally I want answers. My fear is that we will get them after it’s already too late.

To make an analogy from my childhood, trusting Trump is like expecting your friend to not out you during a game of hide and seek. If they can run and save themselves you are going to be the first one caught.

Food for thought.

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