1 Grateful + 9 Gratefuls = 10 Gratefuls

  1. I’m grateful for the sunshine, breath ( slowly in and out ), toes ( I wiggle them for 15 seconds ), feet ( I hear them pop and crack. Gettin’ old ), calves ( I flex them for 15 seconds ), thighs ( I’m aware of them and flex them for 15 seconds ), pelvis ( I’m aware of the pelvis. I love my pelvis. I love my penis ( I really do) ), hips ( I send them some love), belly ( I thank it for working to digest my food), torso ( I can feel my breath expand the torso), pecks ( I’m flexing them like a bodybuilder-dude ), arms ( I give them a few flexes and awareness ), forearms ( I feel half of them resting on my laptop), hands( my left is anchored on the laptop and my right is as well. I like the anchored feeling), fingers ( tapping on keyboard keys).
  2. Turning it over to God
  3. Hum of the A/C
  4. Kroger salad bar ( Kind folks and good salad ).
  5. Gold Coffee and Pancake House ( Kind folks and good food ).
  6. LA Fitness ( Kind folks and solid pool ).
  7. Bickford of Greenwood ( Kind folks and solid bacon ).
  8. Family and friends
  9. Latitudes ( Kind folks and solid pool ).
  10. LORD, I ask that YOU share YOUR love, grace, mercy, healing, compassion, strength, patience, and kindness with the people of Marion, Indianapolis, Fishers, Greenwood, Orlando, Las Vegas, and may YOU ripple into Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, the greater midwest, into the east coast, west coast, southern tip of Texas, southern Florida, Maine, outer Washington State, into Canada, and the UK, and Mexico, and Africa, and Central America, and Australia, and Europe, and Middle East, and wherever else my geographically challenged brain left out. Thank YOU. I love YOU. In Jesus name, Amen.

Rusty Hunt ( Killing SquarePeg )