I Wish I Was Single In The 90s
Shani Silver

I hear you, Shani. I’m actually a little afraid to look people in the eye anymore. They may just call the PO-PO, seriously. And dude, I’m tired of seeing and reading articles with titles such as “ 67 body language no-nos” or “ 856 ways to communicate well.”

If I look you in the eye, smile, and nod my head, it means fu&*^ing hello. It’s a greeting. It’s not a reason to text your mommy that the boogie man is after you. Grow the F up!! In the 90’s it was acceptable to look at someone and wave or smile or say hello. We have eyes, do we not? If you don’t want someone to look at you, you have two options: 1) poke out their eyes 2) You stay the f&*ck home.

There’s so much confusion, misinformation, hearsay, gossip, rumors, and bullshit nowadays that a look and a nod quickly become a threat created by a paranoid, insecure, fearful mind. This gets people hurt. Slanderous comments, gossip, and rumors are quite damaging. I’ve been there.

Sorry dude. Unloaded a bit on you there. My apologies. I dig the 90’s as well. I didn’t rant like this in the 90’s. I didn’t have to.