I am not asking you to do more…

I AM asking you to do different. When it comes to teaching and learning we tip toe around the noise that happens when we embark on change. Isn’t that what education is about? Change? Isn't change what we want? Change isn't easy, but it's necessary. What we’re really asking for is education to slow with modern knowledge. For all of our educational community to move with it, be flexible, and agile to meet the needs of all the students we teach. That's what we came for. That's what we came to do. So it's not about doing more it's about changing, adapting, being current and relevant.

This past week we had a great opportunity to meet with the designers at Gensler (http://www.gensler.com/offices/philadelphia). We had an amazing conversation about learning spaces and creating an environment where students are moving. Not on bells but to spaces. Imagine if school were not confined to a classroom rather it is a place. Similar to a coffee shop where the feeling is communal, collaborative, and social. School is about collaboration and asking big questions, wondering What if…?.

I am currently reading “The Third Teacher” by Bruce Mau (The Third Teacher is the result of a learning experience that began when three global design firms joined forces on an unprecedented project: gathering the stories of education thought leaders and learning communities who sought to redesign the future of learning.) I want more than anything to work in a school that believes it is about change. Fortunately, I have found my home.

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