Concluding Words…

I have shown my interest in the beauty world of YouTube. I have learned about the various social, creative, and diverse aspects of this culture on YouTube. It is more than just channels, followers, and views. It is all about the community that has grown by beauty vloggers contributing their talents to share to the world. Some of the most interesting aspects include the economic side of this culture, social constructs of this community, and weird trends that have occurred.

I did not expect to learn so much about the economic side of YouTube. I was expecting to find this business earns so much. It seems that it does not nearly make as much and is actually losing money. I also did not expect to learn about the role of Google as it had bought YouTube. I was also not expecting the importance of subscribers to play such a huge role in finances for YouTubers.

I was expecting to find many makeup vloggers that are only women. I did not expect there to be such a large number of male makeup vloggers. I also did not expect to see such a large supportive community that encouraged collaboration videos with other makeup artists/vloggers.

Makeup trends have become popular among all types of social media platforms. There have been some unique trends that have spread across YouTube. Some of the weird trends include using non-makeup items to put makeup on, food-inspired looks, and sarcastic videos. I was not expecting so many unique videos to be on YouTube.

I learned that the unexpected aspects are unique which is a main concept of YouTube. YouTube inspires creativity and individuality across the world. There are unexpected aspects of YouTube that embrace the diverse company. I have learned through this scrapbook, the relevance of media and how important it is in modern day.