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$SQUID merges the worlds of crypto and reality TV, offering a unique opportunity to participate in the Squid Game phenomenon

What is Squid Game?

Squid Game: The Challenge, Netflix’s reality show based on the viral Netflix series Squid Game, that will pit 456 people against each other for $4.56 million grand prize, will debut on November 22nd.

In the realm of cryptocurrency, Squid Game: $SQUID emerges as a revolutionary concept, bringing the thrill of reality game shows to the blockchain. Imagine a world where you can bet on the outcomes of real-life competitions, where every decision made by contestants has a direct impact on your crypto assets. Squid Game introduces a novel tokenized ecosystem that empowers users to participate in a riveting blend of entertainment and finance.

With Squid Game, become a VIP, not just a spectator, a group of wealthy elites who callously watch and bet on the lives of the contestants. Masked, never revealing your identities, living the life of luxury and enjoying the thrill of watching people compete in deadly games. Watch people suffer for your own entertainment, and see your portfolio grow as you bet on the outcomes.


Explore our project’s exciting journey through the Squid Game arena with SQUIDMAP, your guide to the key stages:

-> Stage 1 — Enter the Squid Game Arena
Witness the inception of the Squid Game journey as we launch the $SQUID token. Buyers become proud token holders, ready to participate in the season long thriller.

-> Stage 2 — Recruiting
Continued marketing efforts are underway to prepare for the Squid Games, ensuring an enthusiastic community surrounds this epic spectacle. Discover a new dimension of the games as a Squid Game Host. Create your personalized affiliate URL on our VIP lounge dApp and share it within your communities to recruit VIPs for player betting. As a host, earn a 1% recruiting fee in ETH for every bet placed during the games. Join us in reshaping the Squid Games universe and relish the excitement of seeing your VIP lounge rise above the competition.

-> Stage 3 — The VIPs
Distinguish yourself by holding more than 10,000 tokens of $SQUID, and join the VIP room (aka dApp), making the games even more exhilarating.

-> Stage 4 — Let the Games Begin
As the Netflix series unfolds, $SQUID holders can enter the “VIP” dApp to place bets on real-life contestants during each game. Follow the progress of each player and interact with other VIPs throughout the season. May the best player win, and the fortunes be yours!

How to Play

Dynamic betting on weekly and season long contests will be done using our VIP dApp. Those holding 10,000 $SQUID tokens can enter the “VIP” room and engage in a unique and thrilling betting experience, predicting the survival and success of players in each episode, and selecting the season winner. Here’s an explanation of our VIP dApp:

Key Features:

1. Weekly Game Betting:

-> Each week, $SQUID holders can choose to bet on any player, predicting whether they will survive or be eliminated.

-> Holders can place multiple bets on different players.

-> Bets and winnings are paid in ETH

2. Winning Payouts:

-> If the chosen player survives, the holder receives a 90% return on their bet (1.9x).

-> If the chosen player is eliminated, the bet is lost.

Example Scenario:

-> Holder A bets $100 of ETH on Player X to survive.

-> If Player X survives, Holder A receives $90 of ETH in return ($100 * 0.9), plus their original bet amount.

-> If Player X is eliminated, Holder A loses the $100 of ETH.

Season Winner Contest:

1. Objective:

  • Holders place bets on a player to win the entire Squid Games series.
  • Winning ratio starts at 20 to 1.

2. Weekly Winning Odds Decrease:

  • Every week, the winning ratio decreases
  • See the chart below, based on the 10 episode season

Example Scenario:

  • Holder B bets $100 of ETH on Player Y prior to episode 1 to win the series with the initial winning ratio of 20 to 1.
  • If Player Y wins, Holder B receives $2,000 of ETH in return ($100 * 20), plus their original bet amount.
  • If Player Y loses or gets eliminated, Holder B loses the $100.


Additional Features:

-> Leaderboard:

  • $SQUID holders’ successes in weekly bets contribute to the VIP leaderboard.

-> Interactive Community:

  • Holders can discuss strategies, share insights, and engage in the Squid Game community on Telegram.

-> Real-time Updates:

  • The platform provides real-time updates on player statuses, bios, odds, and overall Squid Games developments.

The $SQUID Mantra

Our mission at $SQUID is simple but powerful: To bridge the worlds of cryptocurrency and reality TV in a way that has never been done before. We believe in empowering individuals with exciting opportunities, enabling them to experience the Squid Game phenomenon from a whole new perspective. Join us in this thrilling adventure, where the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

$SQUID — Where crypto meets reality, and the thrill never ends.