My First Haskell Program (Part 1)

What is Haskell?

  • It is a “purely functional language”. This means that any function written in Haskell if called with the same arguments will return the same values, and does not have any “side effects”. This means that it will not modify an array or map, print anything out or do any other kind of I/O.
  • It has a very powerful system of static types.

My Approach

The familiar and easy part

# "10" here is the max line length to use, and words.txt is
# a file containing the words to print.
$ ./consistent_printer 10 words.txt
main = do
[lineLengthRaw, fileName] <- getArgs
main = do 
[lineLengthRaw, fileName] <- getArgs
putStr lineLengthRaw
putStr fileName

Inverting Control Flow

for i in xrange(len(words)):
minimum_cost = sys.maxsize
for j in xrange(i + 1):
line_length = len(" ".join(words[j:i+1]))
if not line_length > max_line_length:
extra_space = max_line_length - line_length
previous_cost = 0 if j == 0 else cost_array[j - 1]
total_cost = (previous_cost + (extra_space ** 2))
if total_cost < minimum_cost:
minimum_cost = total_cost
cost_array[i] = minimum_cost
-- `costOf` refers to the minimum cost if linebreak
-- is placed after the ith word.
costOf :: [String] -> Int -> Int -> Int
costOf list max_line_length i
| i == 0 = 0
| otherwise = minimum costAtEachJ
where costAtEachJ = map (costAtJ list max_line_length i) [0..i-1]
-- `costAtJ` is the cost incurred by placing a newline
-- after j.
costAtJ :: [String] -> Int -> Int -> Int -> Int
costAtJ list max_line_length i j
| lineLength > max_line_length = (maxBound :: Int)
| otherwise = previous_cost + extra_space ^ 2
where lineLength = length (intercalate " " (drop j (take i list)))
previous_cost :: Int
| j == 0 = 0
| otherwise = costOf j list max_line_length
extra_space = max_line_length - lineLength

What’s missing?

What have we learned so far?





Software Engineer @fin

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Sidharth Shanker

Sidharth Shanker

Software Engineer @fin

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