I used a wrong word and changed it to “populist” (before your reply).
You’ve misquoted me.
Jane Doe, programmer

You patently didn’t change it before my reply, otherwise Medium would not have allowed that to be the quote inserted at the top of my reply.

Let’s not be disingenuous.

But you also don’t understand populism as an element of the political experience. Sort of like “fascist”, it’s but it seems to have become a generalized fill-in word for “things I don’t like that other people seem to.” That’s certainly the way that you are using it, in the absence of the acceptance of the idea that there might be arguments against your position.

That’s active demonization of people who disagree with you, via the implication that they are somehow wrong simply because other people agree with them.

“Right-wing populism” covers a multitude of sins — but I think it’s safe to say that you have no idea what right-wing populists want. The entirety of my argument still stands.

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