Resistance Exercises

One of my mental struggles in the face of evil is to maintain engagement and not give into complacency born of fatalism and depression. Like a muscle, resistance must be exercised. Today, I added the phone numbers for my Congressional representatives as well as those of the Republican leadership into the contacts in my phone. I called them all to request they oppose the appointment of Steve Bannon to White House staff. (Of note: my House rep’s office told me that because the appointment is private, they cannot block it, only register opposition. They advised me to also call national Republican leaders as well.)

Perhaps they will not listen. Perhaps they can do nothing, or choose to do nothing. But besides my hope that this will change the world, I also did this for me — to refuse to normalize, refuse to give in, to start a habit of refusing.

I recommend you do the same. Get the numbers for the home-base local office of all your reps, and call them (an easy Google search away!). Make it a habit. Here are numbers for Republican leaders:

Mitch McConnell (502) 582–6304
Paul Ryan (608) 752–4050 
Kevin McCarthy (661) 327–3611