Refactor a project written in C

Namely isomd5sum. The first commit to it to the repository it previously lived in was in 2002. From the commit message “Add isomd5sum stuff to anaconda” one could guess that the origin was a different one so it might be older than that.

isomd5sum is a very small project and as most old projects written in C it works just fine. Over the years 13 different users created 111 commits. The last one was merged two years ago in 2015.

So it’s not a very active project. That’s not bad either because it solves the problem it’s supposed to solve already:

isomd5sum provides a way of making use of the ISO9660 application data area to store md5sum data about the iso.

Why refactor?

Well right there’s no particular reason to do that especially since there’re only minor bugs like forgetting to free a kilobyte of memory before exit or using more memory than needed to make it easier to avoid a potential buffer-overflow when passed a manipulated ISO. These kind of errors can be changed without refactoring everything.

But this project is a dependency for the Fedora Media Writer project and I’d like Fedora Media Writer to use it as a proper dependency using git submodules. Currently it’s just a copy of the projects source code with some commits added on top of it.

To make this happen I’ll need to apply a couple patches to isomd5sum anyways and I prefer working on source code I don’t hate too much. So better refactor everything so that I’ll have to hate myself if I’m still unhappy with it.

Also the project does need refactoring since it’s full of magic values and other things that we call bad practices nowadays.

So even though the refactor does not improve the functionality. (It might even have introduced bugs. You can never be sure.) It simplifies and does a lot of the changes that I will have to make anyways.

Currently my PR is still under review. I’d be happy if you’d help reviewing it.

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