Week seven: Summer coding report

The plan to get rid of all issues


The Virtual Disk Service can’t be used since I’m prohibited to try to pull Uuid.lib by the Fedora Packaging Guidelines.


I had a look at how to do this on macOS. The technical documentation in this area is even worse than on Windows in my humbly opinion.

The tool that works with partitions prefers to use the apple partition header if available. But I’d like to add a partition to the master boot record (mbr) partition table.


Quick refresher on why all the tools have trouble with the isohybrid layout.

For compatibility isohybrid fills three partition tables (mbr, gpt and apple) but I’d only like to add a primary partition to the mbr one. Basically it’s unclear to anyone which one to use since it’s not standard practice to use multiple partition tables.

The plan

Since there’s trouble with this on all three platforms which we target I’ve decided to manually add the partition to the mbr partition table.

This does work on Linux now but was a lot of trouble since it doesn’t integrate well with udisks and more debugging needs to be done to fix that.

It will definitely work on Windows and Mac next week if those two platforms don’t try to stop me. They always do.

I learned that writing things myself may be faster then trying to fix the world and whatever I do I should try to make the right decision early on because that saves a ton of time.

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