Build to learn not learn to build👷🏻 (99+1)% tested on me 😎

Rachit Gulati
4 min readJul 27, 2017


I always wanted to learn the Sketch, Photoshop etc tools to express my creative side to the world but there is some resistance in the mind. Resistance is mostly the motivation and the purpose of learning X tools. Why should I start following any tutorial video or any basic learning course of the tools?. Even if I will start by pushing my will a bit further and learn the basic functionality of the tool, What’s next ?. If I don’t have anything to build out of it, I will definitely forget about my learnings because I am human and I have limited capacity and capability to remember anything👻.

Build to learn not learn to build -Mr(s). X

Let’s build 🏗

So, I have a caricature on my website which doesn’t seems like me at all 😂. I have copied it from somewhere that I don’t even remember 😋

I wanted to fix this no mater what. The only way to fix this is to use one of the famous tools (Sketch or Photoshop). I have never used Sketch or Photoshop. So, I have learnt basics of sketch from one of my colleague Nitish tyagi while building my new caricature.

Let’s learn to build new caricature 👣 BY 👣:

1) Insert your original photo into sketch.

2) Create the outline of the complete photo with the help of vector. Insert > Vector. Please try to make as many close points as possible because that will help you to fix the points in latter stages.

3) With the same strategy that we used to make outline of the whole image in second step (Insert > Vector). We will cut the below parts individually.

All parts basic colour and dimension details

Some important points:

3.1) Each part will create a new layer in left side. Hide all other layers except the original image and the one you are working on.

3.2) For incomplete figures like Nose outline or Side face line you don’t need to complete the circular path. Press Command and click on the last Vector dot with mouse to complete the non circular path there only.

If you need more clarity in your work. Use zoom in and zoom out feature and fix each and every pixel as per your desire.

4) After creating all the layers in the step 3 and show all the layers at the same time.

5) Hide the original image and the outline that we have created in step 2.

Done 👍. Oh yeah baby you are now Pro in sketch as I am 🤗

My new website now looks like below:

Thank you all for reading so far. I hope you guys are able to make your own caricature as well. If yes, please do share here in comments 🤡.

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