Trading System

When the economy collapses, paper money is only worth paper. From riots and violent store-looting after Wave II, people finally fragmented as Fraksi Rakyats which later began to make peace with the reality that resources were running low so the barter system was put in place.

Tanah Merah Tembakau or TMT is an Indonesian branch corporate empire of Red Soil Cigarettes Incorporate whose responsible in creating a world wide currency using legitimate cigarette brands. In order to bring balance to the world’s economic system, they made sure to preserve and stock a huge amount of cigarette commodities inside worldwide vaults. They achieved their goals when they won the rights over controlling the tobacco market, they slowly began to increase its price alongside the downfall of societies, the riots are tamed, governments have trampled.

And thus the current of cigarettes has risen above the ashes of dollar bills we once needed to survive.

TMT, supported and enforced by Liberty as one of the largest Fraksi Rakyats, together with Manus Dagang and Silk Road Brigade regulates the rotation of resources between other factions. The nicotine content which is feared by the community because of its relationship with the causative factor of the Bangke apocalypse causes a drastic increase in cigarette stock in Bandung. In a short period of time, cigarettes became the main trading system.

This has come to light that it’s quite a challenge for smokers in line with the pandemic conditions. Nicotine has been officially classified as a stimulant and smokers look forward to its positive effects such as decreased tension and increased thinking (better memory), decreased appetite, heightened mood, increased heart rate and alertness (stimulating and increasing adrenaline) (sc: Bandung’s increasingly cold climate due to global warming is also an encouragement to smoke on the ‘warm’ sensation it produces.

Red Soil Cigarette is a legitimate term of trading various types of cigarette types, for example : a typical bushcraft rifle costs you about 20 RC (Red Cigs) or some would simply calls it “one box”, if a transaction costs you 25 RC then you might as well call it “one box five” (1B 5RC).

  • One slope equals 200RC (1S)
  • One Cuban cigar equals 200RC (1C)
  • One box equals 20RC (1B)
  • One Cigarette equals 1RC (1Rc)
  • One tobacco joint equals one of a tenth 1RC (1J)
  • One synthetic tobacco joint (daily consumed) equals one of fiftieth 1J (1synth) however, this currency cannot be conducted for a purchase in some places.

Comparing to today’s currency, one synthetic joint (“synth”) equals to a regular cigarette ketengan (1000 rupiah)

  • 1synth : Rp 1000,00
  • 1J : Rp 50.000,00
  • 1Rc : Rp 500.000,00
  • 1B : Rp 10.000.000,00
  • 1S : Rp 200.000.000,00

SR20XX is a story about “Bangké” apocalypse while you and your faction thrive to survive amongst threats of the dead and the living.