What Is It Like To Travel During Covid? — A Chunky Jewish Man’s Story

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Traveling In a Post-Pandemic World

As I begin the CJM series, no travel topic is more important than Covid. Covid will continue to impact the travel industry for years to come. The presence of Covid does not mean that you shouldn’t travel; it just means you need to plan and prepare. How does one plan for managing Covid? Hopefully, my post helps you better understand Covid’s impact and how to plan and prepare for it.

How Do I Get on the Plane?

We traveled from Baltimore to Portugal and Italy via Newark Airport. These are the details regarding masks and Covid tests required for each leg of our trip.

Covid Rules

How Does Covid Testing Work?

At the time of our trip, each country we visited required a Negative Covid test no more than 72 hours from the time of departure. We chose to get the Covid PCR test (swab) at each location. While most locations also accepted the “rapid” test, it wasn’t clear which manufacturers are acceptable.

In the United States, we went to local urgent care and obtained the test via our insurance provider. Be careful of the test that you select, some of the tests that are not covered by insurance take longer to get the results. Once we received our negative results, I kept a copy electronically, and we printed a copy for each family member. In Europe, we were able to find a Covid test provider through our hotels. The test cost 150 euros (only credit cards). While traveling in Milan, my children obtained a free test offered by the Red Cross at the train station. This test was acceptable by both Italian and US officials.

1. Check with your airline or local consulate to determine each country’s requirements.

2. Based on the Covid test requirements, find a local health provider that provides a test in compliance with the country’s requirements.

3. For tests required in transit (e.g., between countries or for entrance into events), determine the test requirements and use your hotel or other local contacts to help you find an acceptable test provider.

4. While all test results are delivered electronically, we found that having them printed expedited our entrance process as phones don’t always work inside the airport immigration halls.

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