Burnt bridges

Us, Over Time, Passing By — James R. Eads

Do not mistake
my willingness to forgive
for a foolish mind,
rather a warm heart
that sees value
in you.

I wish I had it in me
to say “fuck you”
to your face
with strength
still in my feet
to keep me afloat.

You did
a number
on me.

Don’t you worry
karma will do
a number
on you
just as well.

When your time comes,
don’t come crawling
back to me.

Know that I am forgiving
more than most deserve,
but once you screw me over
I swear you will never
receive the same love
from me again.

What you have done,
no one should forgive.

Say goodbye
to numerous chances
to forgiving arms
to understanding words
to loving eyes
to celebration of your existence
to patience on your journey.

I wish you well
despite what you did.
I know you
are capable of better

I hope you learn
from what happened here
to be a better lover
to all
who cross your path.
I know you
have it in you;
just look inward
and be okay with
what you find
for once.