I fall in love with everyone I meet

All beings have such beauty; the intricacies in one’s demeanor make me go insane in the best possible way. (Enjoy somewhat unrelated pictures of people and moments I love to go along with the inconsistent dialogue that follows.)

The split second of inquisitive and divulged eye contact I make with a passing stranger initiates an infatuation.

The type of fascination that makes me wonder what they do when they first wake up, what they love, where they have traveled, what keeps them up at night, how they take their coffee, what they think when they see me, and so much more.

The individual ringing me up at the grocery store’s eyes mesmerize me; I’m stuck thinking about it for nearly the rest of the day and potentially days after.

I get so immersed in the person behind who made my cup of coffee. What do you ideally wanna do for a living? Would we be good friends? What landed you where you are right now? Are you happy? What makes you feel on top of the world? Are you going through heartbreak? Are you having the time of your life? Why do you do your hair like that? What does that bracelet mean to you?

The generosity of the person who saw trash on the ground and proceeded to throw it away captivates me. The grace in them chasing it before it got away and polluted our earth further, the determination in their eyes to ensure they fixed the issue at hand amazes me.

The harmonious rhythm in someone’s little skip as they walk down the street

The gratification of another’s relief after almost dropping something but catching it in the nick of time

The sublime melody I hear in a song that just soothes my ears like no other. What’s the emotion behind this lyric? How did the thought process to produce this beauty come about? Who are you? Are you love? I want to look into your eyes and say thank you for all you do to save me through your composition and expression of music.

The uncontrollable laughter of someone in passing ignites an overwhelming ecstasy in me.

The beauty of a genuine smile intimidates me while also infinitely empowering me.

The euphoria someone feels during the embrace of a loved one fills me with immeasurable contentment.

The flint in someone’s eyes when they sense familiarity in someone else’s speech patterns blows me away.

The relief in someone’s eyes when they see a recognizable face in an intimidating crowd instills such inexplicable calmness in me.

The sense of agreement in a conversation heard in passing creates a clearer vision of unity.

The mutual understanding in discussions confirm serenity in ways seemingly nothing else can.

I fall in love with each and every single one of my friends and their exquisite mannerisms every damn day. I love it!

Human connection drives me mad. So much happiness and love is felt, I could eternally combust with pure joy. Other people fuel me boundlessly; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

People are so fucking fascinating! Everyone is so complex and unique. Humans are RAD. We all go through such a subjective life experience; we could infinitely learn from any and all individuals we ever meet. I love enduring these simple pleasures in life. It’s forever-free eternal ammunition, how beautiful! Happiness is as attainable as we make it; I choose as frequently, freely, and passionately as possible :)