If you ever wonder

Highway 1 Northbound

why do you give out so much love
when the world will just take advantage of it and run?

Silly, reckless girl
loving with your heart on your sleeve
wondering why your heart is always broken.

Why do you behave the way you do
knowing it likely won’t be reciprocated?

There’s a reason you can’t find others like you.
The world burns them
and then they know better
but you don’t seem to ever learn.
Why is that?

Silly, reckless girl
won’t you stop loving without intention
won’t you stop loving without condition
won’t you stop loving without expectation
won’t you stop loving without bounds

So naive
thinking a love just like yours exists
and that you somehow will receive it
with abundance and ease.

All that you put out in the world
won’t be given back to you.
Don’t you see that?
Why are you so okay with that?

Silly, reckless girl
please stop giving away your love
as if it won’t break you
when the ones you love leave you.

Put your energy into better things.

Silly, reckless girl
love those who already love you
for you hurting, hurts me
and I am tired
of seeing you ache unnecessarily.