Please don’t be a lonely businessman

I hope you don’t push away great love, like you deserve.

I hope you don’t run away at the sight of something real or fear vulnerability, because with that deep trust comes so many wonderful things.

I hope you learn the value of significant relationships and when someone sees something in you that you do take the time and let them in.

I hope you don’t run yourself to the ground accepting anything other than what you deserve.

Let yourself make decisions with another person, I promise it’ll be good for you when it’s with the right one.

Please don’t run away from true love like you did with us.

It may never work for us, but please use it as a lesson to improve your future.

Don’t let your career take over your life, don’t lose sight of the happiness of your other passions and loved ones.

Please don’t define your value in monetary success, but rather balance in life and appreciation of the little things.

Please don’t be a lonely businessman with lots of money, but no love or people to share your success with.

Please allow yourself to love and be loved.

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