Unrequited love

Goodbye, Helios. — James R. Eads

I love you so wholeheartedly
with every bone in my body
with every fiber in my being,
without restriction
without condition
without bound.

It was not enough
for some reason.

I’m not sure if
I will ever understand
except the fact that
I deserve better.

But will I ever know
why you were only
supposed to be
a chapter
and not
the whole book?

I swear
I could have
loved you forever
if only you had
let me

I’m glad you didn’t
because I deserve
more extraordinary love
even though
I truly believe
we are
twin flames.

I will keep you
in my heart

and soul
for as long
as I breathe.

One day
when a calmness
and seamless love
like no other
comes upon me,
I will understand
why you and me
are never to be

My bright darkness,
I will always love you
but I am letting you go.

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